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IQ350-DL: Single Gas Portable with Data Logger
For the detection of over 150 toxic and combustible gases


110/220 VAC or 4 C-size alkaline batteries (included) or NiCad (optional) battery operation

Includes sample probe with hydrophobic filter and carrying case

Weight: 5.0 lbs.







Data Logger Features:
• Logging rates between 1s and 12 hr.
• Stores 32,000 readings
• Connection via snap connector
• USB interface for set-up and data download
• User-programmable alarm thresholds
• Replaceable internal lithium battery
• High and low alarms
• Start date and time
• Windows control software

For more information , contact:
Tel: (U.S. & Canada) 1-800-478-4271; (International) 1-949-452-9000
Fax: 1-949-452-9009;  Email:

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Gas Sensor Selection Guide (File size: 196K)

Hazardous Gas Data - comprehensive reference on physical and chemical properties for industrial hygiene and occupational health & safety applications (File size: 396K)

PID Correction Factors - a comprehensive reference on PID correction factors for 222 gases (File size: 100K)

Installation & Instructions Manuals for:
MP Controller (File size: 1.1MB)
b) 4-20 IQ (File size: 536K)
SM95 (File size: 567K)

How to Calibrate Sensors
(File size: 427K)

Introduction - from "Hazardous Gas Monitors" book (24 pages)- includes descriptions, "Terms, Definitions & Abbreviations," fully illustrated with charts and graphs, and types of protection (File size: 544K)

About Alarms (File size:148K)

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