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Hazardous Gas Monitors: A Practical Guide to Selection, Operation and Applications

SciTech and McGraw-Hill copublish
long-needed introduction and reference
to toxic gas monitoring

Mendham, NJ, -- The reference book, Hazardous Gas Monitors: A Practical Guide to Selection, Operation and Applications by Jack Chou, President of International Sensor Technology, Irvine, CA, was published October 1, 1999. It was produced by SciTech Publishing and copublished with McGraw-Hill Book Company.

The book is unique in its lavishly illustrated, full-color 8" x 10", hard cover format on high-quality gloss paper. The tutorial coverage includes five clearly written chapters of the five most commonly used sensors for toxic and combustible gases monitoring applications. They present a detailed description of each sensor type, its principle of operation, components and characteristics of the sensor, pros and cons, and application of the sensors.

In addition, ten other analyzer technologies are discussed to provide the reader with a bird's eye view of gas instrument technology. The essential technical definitions of OSHA's General Industrial Air Contaminants Standard and fire safety terms are clearly explained and illustrated. Essential design and application concepts are beautifully illustrated for ease of understanding. A comprehensive list of data for 384 gases pertinent to gas analysis is provided in an appendix with easy-to-use, color-coded formats, eliminating the need to consult with multiple reference books for this data.

This book fills a long-standing need in the industry for an accessible, comprehensive training text and individual reference to modern gas detection technology. The 272-page book sells for $79.95 and quantity discounts are available for training and premium use.

SciTech Publishing is devoted to publishing books that help make technology accessible to non-specialists, to keeping classic and valuable technical books in print, and in working in partnership with associations, corporations, and commercial publishers to make such books available at modest prices.

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Gas Sensor Selection Guide (File size: 196K)

Hazardous Gas Data - comprehensive reference on physical and chemical properties for industrial hygiene and occupational health & safety applications (File size: 396K)

PID Correction Factors - a comprehensive reference on PID correction factors for 222 gases (File size: 100K)

Installation & Instructions Manuals for:
MP Controller (File size: 1.1MB)
b) 4-20 IQ (File size: 536K)
SM95 (File size: 567K)

How to Calibrate Sensors
(File size: 427K)

Introduction - from "Hazardous Gas Monitors" book (24 pages)- includes descriptions, "Terms, Definitions & Abbreviations," fully illustrated with charts and graphs, and types of protection (File size: 544K)

About Alarms (File size:148K)

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