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Hazardous Gas Monitors: A Practical Guide to Selection, Operation and Applications

About the Author

Jack Chou is founder and chief executive of International Sensor Technology, Inc. in Irvine, California. He received his MS in Mechanical Engineering from Southern Methodist University and worked briefly in the aerospace industry at McDonnel Douglas prior to starting International Sensor Technology (IST) in 1972.

In his more than 30 years in the toxic and combustible gas monitoring instrument field, Chou has taken his company products from initial concept through research, testing, and final production and marketing. He has worked on thousands of complex gas detection applications, gaining knowledge and honing his expertise on projects for NASA's Space Shuttle program, USAF projects, the EPA, DOE, the Soviet Union, and numerous others.

Since its founding, Chou has spearheaded IST to leadership in the field of gas detection. Currently the company manufactures four types of sensors: solid-state, catalytic bead, infrared, and photoionization. The company was a pioneer in the field of solid-state sensor technology and has developed a family of these sensors able to detect over 150 different toxic and combustible gases, a number unmatched by any competing manufacturer. The company also offers, but does not manufacture, electrochemical sensors.

Jack was interviewed on L.A. radio (90.7 FM) by Lisa Garr on "The Aware Show" on June 11, 2002 about his book, "Breaking the Food Chain: A Simple Guide to Better Health." His third book, this time on financial matters, "The Commonsense Way to Build Wealth" was published in 2004 by Griffin Publishing Group.

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Gas Sensor Selection Guide (File size: 196K)

Hazardous Gas Data - comprehensive reference on physical and chemical properties for industrial hygiene and occupational health & safety applications (File size: 396K)

PID Correction Factors - a comprehensive reference on PID correction factors for 222 gases (File size: 100K)

Installation & Instructions Manuals for:
MP Controller (File size: 1.1MB)
b) 4-20 IQ (File size: 536K)
SM95 (File size: 567K)

How to Calibrate Sensors
(File size: 427K)

Introduction - from "Hazardous Gas Monitors" book (24 pages)- includes descriptions, "Terms, Definitions & Abbreviations," fully illustrated with charts and graphs, and types of protection (File size: 544K)

About Alarms (File size:148K)