Located in Irvine, California, International Sensor Technology (IST) manufactures both the sensors and the instrumentation used to detect over 150 different toxic and combustible gases for area quality and safety applications. Since 1972, IST instruments have served a large nd diverse customer base around the world, with users including refineries, chemical plants, semiconductor facilities, hospitals, food and beverage companies, and many others. In fact, IST equipment was chosen by NASA for use in the Space Suttle program.

IST offers a complete line of instrumentation, including potables, single- and multi-point stationary instruments, stand-alone sensor transmitters, and instruments with data logging. Additionally, IST offers the most comprehensive choice of sensor technologies available today, including:

IST's patented solid-state sensor
Electrochemical sensor
Infrared sensor
Photoionization detector
Catalytic bead sensor

With this vast array of sensor and instrumentation choices, IST can provide you with the right solution for your gas monitoring application.

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