Technology.  International Sensor Technology has been a leader in gas detection
since 1972. We offer the most complete line of fixed and portable instruments for
the detection of over 150 different toxic and combustible gases using all five of the
latest sensor technologies:
Solid-State, Electrochemical, Infrared, Photoionization and Catalytic Bead.   See Sensor Selection Guide.

Expertise.  Call or e-mail us for consultation. With over 30 years of experience, we can provide the most appropriate hazardous gas monitoring system for your specific application. 

Quick Evaluation.  By using our Application Data Sheet, we can quickly evaluate your specific requirements, and recommend the most appropriate gas monitoring solution.

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Hazardous Gas Monitors Book Cover Comprehensive Hazardous Gas Monitor Reference Book

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View/download PDF versions of:

Gas Sensor Selection Guide (File size: 196K)

Hazardous Gas Data - comprehensive reference on physical and chemical properties for industrial hygiene and occupational health & safety applications (File size: 396K)

PID Correction Factors - a comprehensive reference on PID correction factors for 222 gases (File size: 100K)

Installation & Instructions Manuals for:
MP Controller (File size: 1.1MB)
b) 4-20 IQ (File size: 536K)
SM95 (File size: 567K)

How to Calibrate Sensors
(File size: 427K)

Introduction - from "Hazardous Gas Monitors" book (24 pages)- includes descriptions, "Terms, Definitions & Abbreviations," fully illustrated with charts and graphs, and types of protection (File size: 544K)

About Alarms (File size:148K)

> Grain Silo Fumigation: How to Make a Sensor Work as a Process Analyzer (Australia)

> CO Monitoring in Parking Garages and Tunnels in Switzerland

> H2S Monitoring/Datalogging in Manholes and Lift Stations in Las Vegas, Nevada